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Reserve Bank of India Governor Targets Cryptocurrencies


IndiaCentral Bank Governor Shaktikanta Dasargued that cryptocurrencies should be banned.

The bear trend of the crypto money market has brought global pessimism. End FTX The events have plunged many crypto investors into a state of fear and panic. While the adoption in the crypto industry is increasing, the turbulent and insecure environment of cryptocurrencies attracts attention. negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies India, came up with a new move. IndiaCentral Bank Governor Shaktikanta DasHe stated that he did not declare war on the crypto industry, but that cryptocurrencies should be banned.

Reserve Bank of India Chairman Criticizes Cryptocurrencies

IndiaCentral Bank Governor Shaktikanta Dastargeted cryptocurrencies. dasHe stated that the use of cryptocurrencies should be banned.

dasspoke about cryptocurrencies in a hall where top names of the banking industry and lawmakers were present. dasHe stated that crypto money poses a danger to the country’s macroeconomy.

Central Bank Governor, linked his thoughts on banning cryptocurrencies to FTX events. das, “After the developments over the past year, including the latest episode surrounding FTX, I don’t think we need to say anything more.” said.

Moreover Shaktikanta Das believes that if cryptocurrencies grow more, the next financial crisis will be caused by cryptocurrencies. India, which reacted with its attitude towards the crypto industry, was on the agenda with heavy taxes. Finally, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India claimed that there is nothing underlying cryptocurrencies.


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