Ripple Attorney Pointed To The Date The Case Will Be Concluded


Ripple ( XRP) also known as lawyer John Deaton, Ripple-SECyour case 30 to 60 daysbetween stated that it might result.

Closely followed by the crypto industry Ripple-SEC lawsuit continues to take shape in the light of many rumors and expectations. Especially recently, it was claimed that Ripple would win the case and the case would be concluded in a few weeks.

Lawyer James K. Filan According to , the case was supposed to be concluded the other day. However, when this did not happen, reactions from the Ripple community rose. CryptoLawfounder and Ripplehaving a lawyer John Deaton, about the case He claimed that it could be concluded within two months.

Eyes Turned to the Date of Conclusion of the Ripple Case

Crypto industry eye expected soon To the Ripple-SEC case translated. However, Ripple ( XRP) community enters into expectations in light of the predictions of many experts.

In the past weeks, sensational claims have emerged from many names close to Ripple. Ripplelawyer John Deaton He said that the case could be concluded in a few weeks. Also, James K. Filan claimed that the case would be concluded last Friday. In light of all these rumors, sharp rises in the price of XRP and Ripple’The voices that he was going to win increased.

However, no statement was made regarding the case the other day. This situation, Ripple attracted the backlash of the community. Needing to share a status update deatonHe stated that the rumors that the case will be concluded yesterday are unfounded. deaton, underlined that the decision could be concluded between 30 and 60 days.

deaton, also said:

“Only motions that have been pending for more than 6 months should be submitted to Congress in a list. The 6-month list is not valid for Judge Torres’ summary judgment. Because the decision has been pending for a little over 3 months.”

Mentioning that the decision on the Ripple and SEC case has been waiting for more than three months at the conclusion stage. deatonattributed his claim to the outcome of the case to this.


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