‘Santa Claus Rally’ prediction from Matrixport: $56,000 possible!


Crypto services provider matrixportAccording to , Bitcoin (BTC) could reach $56,000 with the ‘Santa Claus Rally’.

Offering a variety of crypto-related services matrixport, end Bitcoin He fascinated the market and investors with his comments. Discussing the momentum that BTC has gained towards the last weeks of the year, the company said: on Wall Streeti is one of the most famous words, “bull markets tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.” brought the sentence to mind. matrixport, Isaac NewtonHe stated that by combining the proverb modeled according to the third law of motion with the price movement of BTC, $ 56,000 could be tested by the end of the year.

Striking statements came from the official name of the company!

Matrixport head of research and strategy Markus thielen, “If Bitcoin is up at least 100 percent by this time of year, then there is a 71 percent chance it will finish the year higher with an average of 65 percent and year-end rallies.” said. The fact that the company’s general opinion about the BTC price was positive increased the excitement of platform users in particular.

Thielen, who used striking expressions in a note he wrote to the customer on Thursday, said:

“Since Bitcoin tends to peak on December 18, we can call the period from early November to mid-December the ‘Santa Claus Rally’.”

As of writing, Bitcoin is trading above $35,000, up 114 percent year-to-date. This effective performance of BTC, ETF developments and the Federal Reserve’s liquidity tightening cycle. The expected 65 percent price increase means that Bitcoin could trade above $65,000 by the end of the year.


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