SBF’s Lawyers Request Anonymity of Bail Signers


SFB’s lawyers requested that the identities of those signing bail be kept confidential due to security concerns.

Lawyers have requested that the identities of the two signatories be hidden, in addition to their parents, for the $250 million bail of the former CEO of FTX.

SBF’s Lawyers Request Confidentiality

In the application, the lawyers cited privacy and security concerns as reasons for requesting anonymity.

The lawyers stated that their demands were justified because the parents of the SBF had already received letters containing threats and insults.

Sam Bankman-Fried was indicted by the Southern District of New York on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit electronic fraud, following the collapse of his crypto empire last November. SBF, who was arrested in the Bahamas, was extradited to the United States last month.

SBF was released on bail on December 22.

The SBF will appear on trial shortly. It is also alleged that the former CEO of FTX will not accept all the accusations.


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