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SBF’s Suspicious Alameda Transactions Under Review


Former CEO of FTX Sam Bankman-FriedSuspicious crypto transactions associated with

SBF was released on $250 million bail last week. Under the terms of the bail, he cannot make financial transactions of more than $1,000 without approval by the government or court, except to pay for legal costs or fees. It is unclear at this time whether he violated these terms. US officials are reportedly investigating the matter.

Suspicious Transactions Related to SBF Investigated

Recently, it was reported that the former CEO of FTX cashed in nearly $700,000 in cryptocurrencies after being released on bail. According to the news in Bloomberg, US prosecutors, Sam Bankman-Friedand Alamedaexamines recent suspicious crypto transactions.

According to on-chain data, Alameda Research and SBF-related Ethereum wallet addresses bought ETH and USDT on Wednesday before being swapped for Bitcoin. According to transaction data on Etherscan, Alameda-linked wallets seem to be selling cryptocurrencies such as Lido, DOT and UNI for ETH and USDT.

Former CEO of FTX, SBF, in a tweet after the transactions came to the fore Alameda ResearchHe said he had nothing to do with the funds moved from .

Attorneys for the Southern District of New York are trying to find out who did what with the assets in question. For example, he said they’re investigating whether SBF (if it handles the transactions) is simply moving its own assets or cashing in without approval.


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