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Scandalous Claim From 3AC Founder Against FTX and DCG!


The bankrupt Three Arrows Capital ( 3AC) founder This Zhu, Digital Currency Group ( DCG) and FTXHe claimed that they manipulated the crypto market.

The bad scenarios that marked the crypto money market last year started to move into the new year. Intense bear trend 2022 During the year, many collapse scenarios emerged. Especially terracrisis and FTX bankruptcy was one of the most important events of last year. Bankrupt crypto startup Three Arrows Capitalfounder of Water Zhu, lunacollapse and 3ACmade striking allegations about his bankruptcy. Zhu, FTXand DCGHe said that they damaged the market by manipulation.

3AC Founder Bombs FTX and DCG!

Three Arrows Capital ( 3AC) founder Water Zhu, Digital Currency Group ( DCG) FTXwith lunaHe claimed to have conspired to bring down the .

ZhuIn the summer, these two organizations stethand luna He stated that he had attacked the A series of posts on Twitter Zhu, happening terrain crisis FTXand DCGHe pointed out that he made a lot of money.

Zhu, in the later process 3ACand Babel He stated that the duo suffered losses due to the bankruptcy of such institutions. However, according to Zhu, the damaged FTXand DCG did not choose to go to restructuring. Instead, they tried to get through the day with client assets and various promissory notes.

3AC’founder of, FTXand DCG He stated that ‘s misdirected for months for his own interests. Also, Zhu asked how Genesis was filling up the damage it had done in the previous period.

Zhuaccording to, FTXafter the bankruptcy of DCGwill go bankrupt. DCGsubsidiary of GenesisThe troubled days of ‘ will cause the creditors to come to the door.


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