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Sean Lennon Says PayPal Offers Huge Potential for Bitcoin


Sean Lennon, son of legendary musician John Lennon, said that PayPal offers great potential to buy Bitcoin.

Lennon shared his views on PayPal, Bitcoin and CBDCs on Twitter.

Sean Lennon Highlights the Importance of PayPal

Lennon said, “Anyone can buy 1 dollar of BTC” thanks to PayPal.

Lennon has been among the leading Bitcoin supporters since 2020. The son of the famous musician stated that BTC gives him more hope than anything else.

Lennon supports not only BTC but also other cryptocurrencies such as Cardano’s native token ADA.

Sean Lennon also explained his views on CBDCs, suggesting that central banks are trying to create a bad imitation of Bitcoin.

Noting that PayPal has started something important, Lennon emphasized that people can buy BTC to try it, even for 1 dollar.

PayPal first launched crypto trading in October 2020 and had a huge impact on the bull rally at the time.

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is trading at $ 16,616 at the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap data.


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