September’s Star Altcoin Announced: Here’s Its Secret!


Near Network (NEAR), which provides communication between ecosystems, recorded a significant increase in the first week of September. Reports attribute the altcoin project’s outstanding success to recent network developments.

Near Network, September’s star altcoin project

According to details provided by crypto researcher Wu Blockchain, NEAR has made significant progress in network activity since early September. Approaching 1.9 million transactions per day, the altcoin adds thousands of users to its network every day. Wu Blockchain details NEAR’s unique success with the following data:

Activity in Near has increased significantly since September. The number of daily transactions approached 1.9 million, and the number of daily active accounts exceeded 730,000. On September 5, various data reached their highest levels in history.

Why does NEAR shine?

Analysis shows that most of the traffic NEAR attracts comes from KAI-Ching. KAI-Ching is part of the AI-focused ecosystem Cosmose AI. Wu Blockchain reported that KAI-Ching recorded 14.88 million transactions in two weeks:

Traffic to NEAR was driven by KAI-Ching, part of the AI-driven ecosystem Cosmose AI, which processed 14.88 million transactions in the last two weeks.

What kind of Blockchain ecosystem is NEAR building? How does it differ from its competitors? cryptokoin.comWe answered frequently asked questions in this article.


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