SHIB Will Be Accepted on Netflix and Spotify Payments


NOWPayments, among them Netflixand Spotifyrecurring billing system including SHIBwith integrated payment method.

The use of cryptocurrencies on the traditional side has also accelerated. Many trading apps have started accepting cryptocurrency payments. Although countries are not yet ready for this situation, companies and organizations are already involved. Blockchain It is expected that countries researching the technology will soon accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. On the other side NOWPayments has updated its platform for automatic payment orders. The organization, among Netflixand Spotifyto bill payments, including SHIBadded integration.

NOWPayments Combines Netflix and Spotify Bill Payments with SHIB

Companies that run subscription service pay for their service with Shiba ( SHIB) can be used. NOWPaymentsprovided SHIB integration to payment gateway services.

The system, called recurring custody and payment services, paved the way for paying subscription fees in cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, shibaIt was also noted that payment can be made with

With Shiba, payment methods came to the fore with the purchase of sports cars and metaverse developments. Finally, the fact that it will also be used to pay subscription service fees has added confidence to the project.

Crypto investors expect more businesses to integrate with Shiba.


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