Shibarium Signal from Shiba Inu Developer


Shytoshi Kusama, lead developer of Shiba Inu, is a layer-2 solution shibariumHe said he will come very soon.

The countdown tweet shared recently caused great curiosity and speculation among Shiba Inu fans. The community thought it would lead to some major announcements like the launch of Shibarium. However, many members of the community were disappointed that the long-awaited announcement only resulted in an upgrade of the website. Kusama made a post about Shibarium shortly after apologizing for raising expectations from the community.

Shiba Inu Developer Delivers Shibarium Signals

Lead developer of Shiba Inu Shytoshi Kusama said that Shibarium, a highly anticipated layer-2 solution, is coming very soon. However, he stated that he will not come during Christmas, which is a very important time for people to spend with their families.

other developer trophias referring to the rumored launch of Shibarium a short time ago; stressed that developers need more time to launch new products or services because this must be done thoughtfully and carefully.

At this point, there is no timeline for when Shibarium will open to the public, but beta testing seems imminent.


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