Shocking Claim About Crypto Exchanges From Billionaire Investor!


billionaire investor Mark Cubansuggested that the volumes on centralized exchanges were fake and that this would be the cause of the next crash.

The new year continues with expectations and rumors for the crypto industry. Many crypto projects are working hard to survive under heavy rumors. On the other hand, maximalists think that the bear market is over and that the uptrend will begin. One of the most important agenda topics of the sector was the cryptocurrency exchanges. billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericksowner of Mark Cubanclaimed that the volumes of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges were fake.

Mark Cuban Hits Central Cryptocurrency Exchanges!

Billionaire known for his crypto investments mark Cuban targeted centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Cuban explained the reason for the subsequent collapse in the crypto market.

Cuban, 2023 He argued that the year will not pass with crypto scandals compared to last year. Several crypto projects and Web3Supporting initiatives, Cuban touched upon the course of the industry. Cubanstated that the next collapse scenario will be experienced by the influence of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

The billionaire pointed out that there is tens of millions of liquidity in uninteresting tokens on centralized exchanges. Cubanclaimed that these liquidity and volumes were fake data generated by centralized exchanges.

Stating that his claim is a guess, the billionaire added that he has no proof yet.


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