Smart Contracts Coming to XRP Ledger


A former developer of Ripple said that smart contracts are coming to XRP Ledger.

Matt Hamilton, in his response to a Twitter user, stated that XRP has more usage methods.

According to Hamilton, XRP is used as a ledger for international payments, NFTs and making money on the web, among others.

Ripple said last month that its crypto-based solution On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) has seen massive growth this year and is now supported in multiple markets, including Africa, Israel, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Singapore, UAE, and the UK. announced.

Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz announced that some NFTs were minted in XRPL last November.

Hamilton pointed out that bringing NFT functionality and smart contracts to the XRP Ledger is quite important.

“A lot of needed functionality (like NFTs and DEXs) is built in. However, smart contracts are under development.

XRPL developers had previously hinted that Ripple wants to bring smart contracts to the XRP Ledger.


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