Solana, Ethereum and More! Transfers Continue


In the cryptocurrency world, some transfers of FTX, including Solana, have attracted attention recently. Because one meaning of selling means a decrease in price. For this reason, the cryptocurrency world follows these movements closely.

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s Solana transfers continue

As stated yesterday, FTX-related addresses were moving tokens. New movements have emerged since our news. Accordingly, Lookonchain announced the data. There have been important moves from the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX in the last 24 hours. Accordingly, a total of 1.1 million altcoin Solana transfers are in question for sale. The numerical equivalent of this transfer is 42.35 million dollars. Transfers were not limited to just that. There were also 7,183 ETH transfers. The numerical equivalent of this transfer is 12.9 million dollars.

A situation draws attention with the transfer of Solana and Ethereum by the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. As of November 3, FTX transferred approximately $221.7 million in crypto assets. The question that comes to mind now is how much assets the stock market has left. Above is a detailed picture of it.

Addresses selling assets

According to Lokonchain data, there are 8 FTX/Alameda addresses that have recently sold assets. Accordingly, there are approximately $619 million worth of cryptocurrency assets in these addresses. We have already given the data for Solana above. Among the assets in these addresses, 49,745 ETH worth $ 89 million stand out.

On the other hand, there are 69.7 million FTTs worth $85.6 million. 25 million WLD draws attention. There are also 12,950 WETHs worth $23 million. Detailed breakdown is also included above.

3 addresses on the Solana network

Assets at 3 FTX addresses in the Solana SOL network also attract attention. Accordingly, these addresses currently contain approximately $1.67 billion in cryptocurrency assets. Details of the casting are given below.

When we look at the addresses in the Solana network, 9.76 billion SRMs stand out. The numerical equivalent is 353.6 million dollars. There are also 9.76 billion MAPS. The numerical equivalent of this is 287.4 million dollars. On the other hand, 7,465 BTCs are worth $256 million. There are also 4 million SOLs. Its value is 154 million dollars. Finally, 9.77 billion OXY is worth $131 million. Close monitoring of FTX-related addresses provides important signals for investors in the crypto world.


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