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Solana (LEFT) Danger Bells Ringing! Big Drop!


Ethereum ( ETHCrypto project Solana (which is shown as the strongest competitor for LEFT), percentage of 10with a fall your 10 dollarsdropped below.

Looking forward to the end of the crypto industry 2022 The year has become one of the toughest tests of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency exchange FTXbankruptcy and terra The crisis was one of the events that marked the year. The tightening in the global economy also negatively affected the cryptocurrency market. In the midst of these processes, difficult processes began for Solana, who came to the fore with various problems. wither , has left behind a year full of disconnections and network outages in its ecosystem. On the other hand LEFTprice started the day with a big drop and 10 per centIt suffered a loss of value.

Why is the LEFT Falling? Can the Solana Ecosystem Recover?

FTX collapsed and filed for bankruptcy, Solana ( LEFT) also affected the front. FTXand Alamedamade strong investments LEFT , experienced a strong decline due to worst-case scenarios. The main source of the decline was the atmosphere of fear created by the market conditions.

But on the other hand, strong projects wither The fact that it started to leave its ecosystem did not go unnoticed. Many projects are planned Ethereum added migration to its network. having a general mood of pessimism witherThe web continues to exist amid fear and expectations.

LEFTprice, in all these processes your 10 dollars dropped below. Once upon a time witherof, 258 The fact that it reached a price of $100 was heavily on the agenda. Globally, the new Ethereum analogy for Solana has been made.

Solana (SOL) reached its highest point in 2021 at $258.

However wither Things didn’t go well for him and he had a big fall. Popular crypto project, 2022in approximately 6 times your net had to stop. The Solana network has struggled with long-term issues due to glitches. In addition, FTX and Alameda also invest, LEFTweakened his confidence.

The project, which is said to recover and return to the old days, started the day with a great decline. LEFTprice, $11from the level $9.66 experienced a decline. During the day approx. 13 percentfalling LEFTprice, day 10 per centIt is having a decline of .

The popular cryptocurrency project has slumped to yearly lows. 2022year LEFTQuite challenging to complete.

From a graphic point of view, the current price 2021 It has been observed that it clings to a support point since Increasing bear pressure and intensification of sales, LEFTanother support point $7.5 can push up. However, on the other hand, it can be observed that the price falling into the liquidity gap starts to recover. If the pressure is over, it is predicted that the price may persist above $10 again with the emergence of bulls.

However, market conditions and witherWhat’s happening on the other side is causing pessimism about the next move of the popular cryptocurrency.


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