Solana Powered Twitter Crypto Wallet Has Become Popular!


Solana working on Twitter ( LEFT) supported crypto wallet Hey Walletoffers the opportunity to transfer cryptocurrencies with a single tweet.

Developments and updates in the crypto industry continue at full speed. Elon Musk‘of twitter The acquisition created a great stir in the crypto industry. Twitter, which is the most intense marketing tool of cryptocurrencies, may take a more active role in the future. a DOGE fan Elon Musk The moves will be eagerly awaited. In the midst of these processes, Hey Wallet named crypto wallet broke new ground. The crypto wallet established on Twitter can perform crypto money transfers with a single tweet.

Solana-Backed Twitter Crypto Wallet Gets Great Interest

Crypto wallet set up on Twitter Hey Walletmanaged to attract great attention in a short time.

twitterThe wallet, which offers the opportunity to perform crypto money transfers through wither started to be supported by the community. Popular project, witherWith its support, it has already managed to reach thousands of users.

witherfounder Anatoly Yakovenko, twitterin his posts on Hey WalletHe also included . Yakovenko, tweeted a Bonk transfer to try the wallet.

Users who want to use the wallet, Hey Wallet can identify information through the website. After this process, they can transfer crypto money with a single tweet they send.

innovative wallet, wither based projects. It was a question of where this will lead in the future. Many investors suggested that this wallet is a message for Twitter’s crypto money integration.


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