Solana Rescue Operation: Bonk Fomo!


solan ( LEFT) ecosystem and the project community that wants to prevent price decline, bonklaunched a new fomo with a cryptocurrency called

The most important energy source of the crypto money market is undoubtedly fomo. The crypto industry, which is still in its infancy and trying to increase its adoption rate, is growing by attracting new investors. The harsh conditions of the current bear market have made it difficult for new investors to enter the sector. The necessity of advertisements and marketing brought new methods to the agenda. One of them, and most importantly, is in cryptocurrencies. fomo is to create. Recently, various fudexposed to witherecosystem and LEFTprice of a new fomoHe found lifeblood. bonka meme token with the name, witherIt landed with great interest in its ecosystem.

Solana’s Fall Mobilized the Solana Community and Bonk was Born!

solan ( LEFT ), had entered a dangerous period with ecosystem losses and price declines. The popular project of the crypto market struggled to survive on the verge of fuds. In a short time for 8 dollarsneedle thrower LEFTprice, witherwith the miracle of his community 13 dollarsreturned to their level.

In Solana, several NFT The decline was exacerbated as the platform and ecosystem developer left the network. a new FTTand luna The project, which is said to be, has become the most active and most profitable crypto money for a few days. Nothing changed or developed in the project. Only the community of the project managed to join hands to launch a new fomo. new DOGEThis fomo, which attracts investors with the hope that it will witherintroduced a new dog-themed cryptocurrency to its ecosystem.

Solana, which fell as a result of the FTX bankruptcy and the emerging speculation, managed to become one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies of 2023. In the daily candles, the community was behind the SOL, which managed to green longitudinally.

Meme token spawned on Solana network bonk, a big airdrop announced that it will. Your supply is approx. 50 percent Crypto investors flocked to the project, which announced that it would distribute its . Cryptocurrency, which attracts great attention, daily average 6 to 10 million realized a volume of between $. Airdrop conditions witherinvestors as it covers the community LEFT started accumulating. This situation LEFTbrought about a rise in price.

Back to the fomo side of things, wither It took place with the inclusion of popular names of . Many witherentrepreneur, investor, developer and NFTdesigner bonkHe started to share. TurkeyMany crypto phenomena from Bonk fomocreative posts.

The meme token, which has become a trend, started to be listed one after another on central exchanges in a very short time. Fomo had been successful. No longer bonk, a listed on major crypto exchanges wither was the product. But more began to come. witherecosystem of the largest NFTmarket place Magic Eden, bonkHe shared an interesting post about it. NFTThe message was given that trading can now be done with Bonk.

almost all witherecosystem, LEFT mobilized to raise its price and restore network activity. Of course, on the other hand, bonktraders also managed to make money.

Operation Solana Successful! But Bonk Fomo May End Somewhere!

solan ( LEFT The operation launched to save the ) ecosystem and its price has been successfully completed. SOL price experienced a strong uptrend, eliminating bearish scenarios and fuds.

Solana developers, ecosystem products and NFT The intense effort of their platform has attracted thousands of investors to the Solana ecosystem. Investors, especially those who want to earn Bonk, made thousands of SOL purchases. Solana’s network activity has been revived with Bonk, and the number of transactions has increased.

Number of Transactions to Solana

So in this process witherWhat has changed in the ecosystem? wither It remains what it is when it falls into fuds and pressures. There has been no new development in the project yet. well LEFTrise, an artificially created fomothanks to it.

Social media recently “Solan sunk” their conversations became history with the last fomo. According to current data, the number of people who make bad comments about Solana 85 percent There was a decrease of over . It is for this reason that the crypto market is included in the class of risky assets. The cryptocurrency market moves wherever the water flows. The main reason for this is that the current market conditions are bearish.

Many crypto investors and withercommunity, bonk made their purchases at the starting levels. However bonk , thanks to fomo, has experienced a rise of almost a hundredfold. Current market value 238 millionThe dollar meme token has had an inflated price in crypto terms. airdrop, noseand eventsBonk, which attracts investors with its FOMO, is in danger of losing its influence at the end of the day.

What is Bonk? Danger After Fomon!

solan ( LEFTA new meme token emerging in the ) ecosystem bonk, dog It is a themed cryptocurrency. The project has been released anonymously. However, Bonk argues that the project belongs entirely to his community. In addition, the project claimed that it had locked all its assets and was trusted.

Originally released on December 25 bonk , met with a sudden interest. The reason of this, wither community needed to create a new fomo. The airdrop team hosted thousands of new wallets.

Token supply 50 percentof the wither revealed the most talked about project of recent days, which will be distributed to the community. The project, which turned into a big fomo, approached a market value of $ 300 million.

what about this fomo Will it end somewhere? If we take what happened in the past as data, fomos rising on meme tokens have had an end somewhere. The reason may be that the sellers put pressure on the buyers instead of the buyers.

In the past, projects have attracted new buyers through a continuous marketing and engagement method. Investors who bought first, then began to sell to buyers. Over time, lost marketing and lost interest led to a lack of new buyers. After this situation, the selling pressure was embellished with the phrase “pocketing the profits”. New entrants had to get stuck in the project that was in decline. There is no certainty that these past situations will happen to Bonk as well. Because the example of Shiba is also on the table.

On the face of it, the cryptocurrency market is moving in a bear trend. A worst-case scenario is enough to exacerbate the collapse of all cryptocurrencies. After the FTX events, the cryptocurrency market experienced a drop of almost 15-20 percent.

If fomon runs out on the bonk side, sales may start coming one after another. This situation, 300 million Reaching a market capitalization of $USD means strong bearish for the meme token. Although the expectation of a decrease in Bonk is considered quite normal, this may also affect Solana’s side.

solan, bonkHe experienced a serious rise with his fomo and again your 10 dollars placed on it. However, with the end of airdrop events and bonkloss of interest in LEFTwill also affect the price. ArtificialThis situation, which is shown as a rise, may be replaced by a decline over time.

When viewed with the logic that the past is the experience of the present, bonkone on the side fomoending and bearish chart comes into view.

2 Possible Scenarios on the Side of Bonk and Solana

solan ( LEFT ) ecosystem began to revive again. The biggest reason for this is bonkemerged by fomo it happened. So what will happen next? Two possible scenarios are as follows:

1- Intense sales on the Bonk side and the resulting fud wave

These days, when the crypto money industry is moving in the bear direction, selling pressures are observed in many cryptocurrencies. purchasing power, possible news or fomo can come in return. The developments of crypto projects began to attract the attention of investors. However, the desire to earn money and the activities that trigger it, fomoIt’s an effective way to get started.

Looking at the bonk side, the market cap stands out, almost surpassing many crypto projects. 300 million The meme token, which has reached a market value of $ USD, has not yet faced selling pressure. The fact that the project team did an activity every day and live marketing was a factor in this. However bonk If investors who are satisfied with the rise of . The appetite of buyers here may affect the severity of the fall. However, even on the Shiba side, there is not that much appetite yet.

The decline created by the selling pressure can be seen as the justified transactions of those who buy at low levels. However, this situation will begin to bring the fud wave with it. Investors who buy at peak points are always affected by price-based declines. This effect brings with it various criticisms and insults on social media. If this situation spreads, new buyers to Bonk will be distrustful.

Failed to attract new buyers and face selling pressure bonk, can identify the highest price point and start the downward movement series. bonkThe end of ‘s fomos and the declines experienced directly wither will affect it. because wither, bonk achieved a rise. The emergence of people who spread fear again, LEFTIt could push the price back to the dangerous juncture.

2- Bonk team manages fomo correctly and turns it into a system

Emphasizing that money can be made in the bear market, Bonk has managed to attract thousands of crypto investors. Every day, new investors flock to the popular meme token. However, what the Bonk team and Solana community will do is important here.

bonk team is having a fast week with airdrop distributions, events, burn scenarios and various activities. Also on the Solana side wither Bonk support continues in the hope that ‘s will return to its old days. However, this fomo is very apt to be replaced by fud in the first wave of sales.

In the second possible scenario, bonk team can manage fomo properly. We’ve seen this before on the Shiba side. New moves and project developments by Bonk can make the project trustworthy. Investors who come with a fund and a desire to make money, shibaHoping he can stick with the project.

However, this commitment Binance It will not be performed with the news that will be listed in . In the past, many projects brought Binance listing to the fore and attracted thousands of investors. However, when this listing did not come, it experienced a decline that would melt the assets of all its investors.

bonk ‘s correct management of fomo and making it a system can be supported by the accompanying burns. The project listed on the exchanges may struggle to create an ecosystem over time. Although it does not cause a further rise, this may be important for its permanence.


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