Solana (SOL) is crashing: Is $100 the target?


Increased by 270 percent in just two months solana( LEFT) may be on its way to reach $100.

One of the most effective coins of the upward trend we are experiencing. LEFT , can’t get enough of the rise. The major coin, which was traded at $ 17.31 on September 12, recorded an increase of exactly 270.39 percent by dropping to $ 64.12 overnight. Breaking critical resistances one by one, SOL BTCIt literally left its mark on the market with the power it received from .

It made a big difference to altcoins!

Overtaking almost the entire altcoin market, especially the major coins, SOL continues to attract attention. The popular coin, which found buyers at $ 61.10 as of the writing of the news, can target $ 75.56 – 81.21 – 93.50 and $ 105.78, respectively, if it settles above $ 66.22. In this process, BTC’s performance, sector-based news flow and developments in the Solana ecosystem will also have an important say.

The downward trend of BTC, the reappearance of Fud news or dangerous news that may come from FTX will naturally pull the price of SOL down. In such a scenario, the levels where a pullback can be expected are $58.11 – $52.22 and $48.53, respectively. With the loss of $48.53, a pullback to the monthly opening level of $38.30 could be observed.


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