SuperRare Joins Companies Reducing Staff


NFTplatform SuperRare, its staff 30 percentIt became one of the companies that made layoffs by reducing the rate of employment.

The turbulent processes of the crypto industry are causing crypto projects to downsize. Over the past year, many crypto organizations have sought ways to survive by reducing staff. Citing market conditions, crypto organizations began laying off their employees. The most notable layoff occurred at cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Finally, NFTplatform SuperRarestaff 30 percentannounced that it would reduce

SuperRare Cited Market Conditions

NFTplatform SuperRare took the decision to reduce personnel, citing market conditions. Platform, its staff 30 percentrate will decrease.

layoff news SuperRareCEO John Crainverified by Crainannounced the company decisions with a post on Twitter.

CrainAccording to , although the company showed growth in the last bull market, this was done aggressively. CEOstated that aggressive growth is not sustainable. NFTCEO of the platform Crain, “We over-hired and I take full responsibility for this mistake.”said.

Crain, stated that he decided to restructure such a structure to bring things to the right path and that he would do his best to help those who were dismissed.


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