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SushiSwap Removes Two Platforms From Its Ecosystem


Decentralized exchange SushiSwap ( SUSHI), crypto lending platform Kashiand launchpad MISOIt plans to deprecate .

After 2022, which was a bear trend in the crypto market, the new year started in a dynamic way. Crypto projects continue their work intensively in the first quarter of the new year. Many projects are focused on development work. Crypto organizations have also focused on downsizing and restructuring. One of them, SushiSwap, is planning some changes to its ecosystem. In this planning, the crypto lending platform Kashiand the launchpad project MISOIt will deprecate .

SushiSwap Retires Two Platforms Due to Lack of Resources

Decentralized crypto project SushiSwap ( SUSHI), Sushi Lendingand Sushi Launchpad plans to make a new move towards its services. popular project, Kashiand MISOHe overlooked it.

SushiSwapCTO Matthew Lilley, mentioned the reasons for deprecation of these two platforms. Lilleystated that the platforms have poor design and lack of resources.

Kashireferring to the side Lilleyexplained that it suffered from design flaws for several reasons and that they did not have any additional resources to devote to the platform.

of the project CTO‘su underlined that after deprecating these two platforms, they will focus more on the main project. Lilley, the total locked assets of the decentralized exchange ( TVL) wants to increase the amount.


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