Take Note: 2 New Altcoins Debut This Week!


Web3 social app Tipcoin and Telegram Bot project Banana Gun are preparing to launch their own cryptocurrencies this week. Altcoin projects are in talks for centralized exchange listings.

2 new altcoins will enter the market this week

Today, Telegram Bot project Banana Gun announced on the social platform that BANANA will be released on September 12. The token contract will be published in the official announcement on Telegram. Additionally, the liquidity/total cap increased from 300,000 tokens worth $195,000, which is 25%, to 500,000 tokens worth $309,000, which is 38%. The amount of newly added altcoins will come from the reserve treasury.

On September 9, Banana Gun announced that it had completed its pre-sale. The altcoin team said they could take part in the central exchange early next week.

Tipcoin gave a date for TIP

In another announcement, Web3 social app Tipcoin said it will release its token TIP on the social platform next Wednesday. It announced that it will publish an article introducing token economics, liquidity and contract details before Tuesday. Tipcoin allows users to participate in content creation and post tweets, quotes, etc. It allows them to earn point Tokens through Altcoin debuts as a new social project based on Twitter

TipCoin is an ERC-20 token using Ethereum. It is also designed to enable users to tip other Twitter users for their content and engagement. The mechanism is extremely simple. Users collect points by tweeting or replying by mentioning @tipcoineth and TIP.

Binance is changing leverage rates for this altcoin

Meanwhile, Binance announced that it will re-adjust PERPUSDT U leverage rates. PERPUSDT U margin contract funding rate cap multiplier increased from 0.75 to 1. This means altcoin investors can now take larger positions with PERP.

cryptokoin.com As we reported, PERP witnessed significant corporate investments this week. Famous altcoin investor DWF Labs purchased 100,000 PERP worth $109,000 from Binance on September 8.


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