Take Note! Famous Turkish Analysts Shared Their Altcoin Portfolios


The people who are indispensable in the cryptocurrency world are undoubtedly analysts. Analysts’ altcoin portfolios always attract attention. Now we will share with you the altcoin portfolios of two famous Turkish analysts. Let’s look at the details.

Bozokcoin’s altcoin Portfolio

A good investment portfolio is the cornerstone of financial success. It is also crucial to understand the weights and costs associated with each asset. Bozokcoin shares with us the components of its altcoin portfolio and their respective distributions.

HFT constitutes 20% of Bozokcoin’s altcoin portfolio. Accordingly, the famous analyst has made 1/5 of his investment in this cryptocurrency. The analyst’s HFT cost is located at $0.3075. 30% of the analyst’s portfolio is in the altcoin KDA. The cost of Bozokcoin is 0.58 dollars.

Other cryptocurrencies

15% of the analyst’s portfolio is in the altcoin STX. Accordingly, the analyst’s STX holding exhibits strategic cost reductions. The initial cost of 0.68 became 0.65 with the profit from Inj. It also decreased to 0.59 with the profit from the sale of UMA. Ultimately, it stands at 0.5150 with a 3 percent profit from the ANKR coin.

15% of the analyst’s portfolio is in ARPA coin. Its cost is around 0.04465. Finally, 20% is in the altcoin GMX. GMX, which has a significant weight of 20%, plays an important role in the portfolio. Understanding its cost along with other assets is vital to comprehensive portfolio management.

Enes Turan’s portfolio

Enes Turan, a name closely followed by the cryptocurrency community in Turkey, shares his altcoin portfolio with his followers. The portfolio shared by the analyst includes important altcoin projects. In fact, it is possible to call the analyst’s portfolio as exploring future opportunities. When we look at Enes Turan’s portfolio, there are assets such as ARB, OP, MINA, APTOS, EDU, RDNT, SYN, GAL and HOT. These assets have growth potential. It may also affect the overall performance of the portfolio in the coming months.

As Kriptokoin.com states, a well-informed investor constantly evaluates the weight and cost of his portfolio. Both analysts we feature in our article share their altcoin portfolios with their followers. They also clarify their costs by stating them clearly. On the other hand, they provide valuable information about the composition and dynamics of the portfolio. Accordingly, all this enables strategic decision-making and optimization of investments. It is now up to our readers to carefully follow these assets, which continue to develop in the ever-changing environment of the financial market.


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