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Team Paribu Reached Students in Bursa with You


under the roof of Paribu Team Paribucontinues to take new steps through the “Team Paribu With You” project together with the Needs Map.

Team Paribu, Needs Map With the Team Paribu With You project, it reaches young people who do not have access to sports equipment. Team Paribu With You, which has met the sports needs of students in different cities to date, has finally reached 600 students in Bursa. Thus, the total number of students reached by the project increased to 9833.

“We Aim To Remove Barriers”

Team Paribu With You, Bursa Yıldırım Karapınar Samet Çaldır Primary School delivered 126 sports equipment to the children in the list of needs.

It also organized an event where children and stakeholders came together under the moderation of DasDas. After the speeches of Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, and Mert Fırat, co-founder of Needs Map, and Esra Arslan, Member of the Board of Directors, the students, national gymnast Ahmet Önder, one of the Team Paribu athletes, and national windsurfer Dilara Uralp PalomboHe did sports with

Paribu CEO Yasin OralIn his speech at the event, he said:

“In line with our belief in Turkey’s potential to become a sports country, we continue to produce projects within the scope of Team Paribu, which we created to contribute to sports and athletes. One of the works we carry out in order to train the athletes of the future is the Team Paribu With You project. With the Needs Map, we aim to reach young people and remove the obstacles that prevent them from meeting with sports. With this perspective, we have now added Karapınar Şehit Samet Çaldır Primary School in Bursa to the schools we have reached. It is a pleasure for us to come together with children here and to contribute to them.”

Co-founder of Needs Map Mert FiratDuring his visit to Bursa, he made the following statements:

“It was great to visit Bursa after Şanlıurfa as part of the Team Paribu With You project, which we realized in cooperation with the Map of Needs and Paribu. It is very valuable for us to encourage young people to do sports while meeting the needs of our schools for sports equipment. It is invaluable to enable them to meet different sports branches at this age, to share their curiosity and excitement, but most importantly, to cause them to dream. We take great pleasure in being here and continuing this project.”


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