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Terra Founder Do Kwon Withdraws Money in Serbia


Terra founder Do Kwonfrom the Luna Foundation Guard (after recently moving to Serbia) LFG) 9.64 Bitcoin ( BTC) pulled.

Projects that have damaged the crypto industry this year have brought with them a bear market. terraand FTX also initiated legal processes on a global scale. Many regulators are quickly working to regulate cryptocurrencies. However, on the other hand, the architects of bad scenarios do not fall off the agenda. terrafounder Do Kwon, South Korea He is sought after by the authorities. Recently, Do Kwon It is stated that he fled to Serbia. Finally Terra founder, in Serbia BTCHe turned them into cash.

Do Kwon Cashed Out By Withdrawing Bitcoin From Terra Wallet

South KoreanAccording to the news of a local media channel, passing to Serbia terrafounder Do Kwonmade a withdrawal. kwon, from Luna Foundation Guard ( LFG) 9.64 Bitcoin pulled. Current value of this transaction 120 thousandmaking dollars.

Serbia, South Korea It is not in agreement with the extradition of criminals. Therefore kwon chose to hide in this country. Serbia’s BelgradeBitcoin ATMs, located in developed places such as South Koreannews channel, this is Kwon’s ATMfrom the BTCHe said he was filming.


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