The 5 best altcoins to buy in November


While Bitcoin is an obvious choice in the current market environment, it is never a good idea to limit a portfolio to a single asset. Another common mistake made by inexperienced investors is to limit themselves to high-capitalization assets.

Advanced crypto assets tend to follow the downtrend in the market and gain value during bull runs. But they cannot match the volatile price movement of young assets. Given their low market caps and ample room for growth, promising new assets often provide returns ranging from 50 percent to 5000 percent to strategic investors who enter early. Bull markets fuel price movements.

We have compiled for you five emerging altcoins with high market value that are best positioned before the bull period predicted in November.

1. Polygon

Polygon’s MATICAs one of the top trending cryptocurrencies this week, it gained 21.62 percent in value over the last thirty days.

But this is just the beginning of a strong forward momentum for Polygon, and it could be on its way to $1 if the broader market environment comes together. Polygon has lost 77.79 percent of its value in the last two years. So a price correction for the token is long overdue.

MATIC, which has regained the $0.60 horizontal resistance area despite short-term downtrends, may be starting to reverse the trend.

One of the key factors that will fuel the journey ahead for MATIC is the POL token upgrade that is live on the Ethereum mainnet. The extensive development and community engagement that went into the launch has already sparked social media enthusiasm around the project.

2. Pepe

Pepe’s latest token burn took the meme coin “to the top”, so to speak. As Meme coin investors turn to new alternatives such as Meme Kombat, price movements are decreasing. As the price declines further over the next few days, investors may take the opportunity to buy the dip.

Pepe is seen as having the potential to create a meme coin craze during the November bull run, with its price potentially registering between 50 percent and 80 percent.

3. Bitcoin Minetrix

Falling into the junior crypto category, Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) is currently being touted as an excellent investment. Following in the footsteps of assets like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin 2.0 coin looks promising.

The basic premise of the project is to simplify cloud mining. It achieves this by tokenizing Bitcoin mining credits and making them accessible to retail investors through staking.

Users simply stake BTCMTX tokens to earn attractive mining credits on the platform. Mining credits, non-transferable ERC-20tokens, thus maintaining high security standards.

4. Solana

Solana is poised for a strong comeback in November. A new project called “Solana Incubator” will address the price movement of the token. The program will be a game changer for the ecosystem as it offers fundraising, development, networking and marketing support for projects aiming to build on the Solana blockchain.

Projects can apply to Solana Incubator until November 30. Selected projects will receive support from the Solana Labs team and partners throughout the development, marketing and launch phases.

5. Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat (MK) is a new meme coin with the ability to earn by playing. Meme Kombat Season 1 is planned to be released shortly after MK tokens are launched on public exchanges. This could spark a bull run for the token, which serves as the payment and reward token of the AI-powered virtual battle arena.

The doxxed team, led by Matt Whiteman, instills trust in the project with a transparent approach.


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