The Most Influential Crypto Person of the Year Became Cardano Founder


In the most influential crypto person of the year poll held on Twitter, Cardano ( ISLAND) founder Charles Hoskinsonwas the first.

This year has been the most painful and turbulent crypto year in recent years. In the past year, many collapse scenarios and bankruptcies have occurred. With the effect of the global economy, there was a tough bear market. While the event that marked the year was the bankruptcy of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of FTX, also concluded the year with legal processes. A poll held on Twitter named it the most influential crypto person of the year. Most votes in the poll cardanofounder Charles Hoskinsontook.

Poll Winner Becomes Cardano Founder, Binance CEO Takes Second Place

on Twitter Whalechart He was named the most influential crypto person of the year in a survey by a user named. In the survey, EthereumCEO Vitalic Buterine, cardanofounder Charles Hoskinson, BinanceCEO Changpeng Zhao(CZ) and FTXformer CEO of Sam Bankman-Fried(SBF) was included.

The survey, which was held on the social media platform Twitter, attracted great interest. Poll winner percent 36’swith one vote Charles Hoskinsonit happened.

Many users on Twitter were surprised by this survey result. Because in the survey, BinanceCEO CZpercentage 34’swith one vote second it happened. Users, CZHe was waiting for the first election.

However CZcongratulated Hoskinson after the voting results. CZ‘s congratulations Hoskinson, it was a difficult choice and in the poll CZHe said he thought they had a draw.


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