The News of the Altcoin Bomb Bought by the Turks: Succeeded!


Avalanche (AVAX), one of the altcoin projects preferred by users in Turkey, announced a new development. Shopify (SHOP) expanded its non-fungible token (NFT) integration Thursday, enabling millions of merchants to start designing, printing and selling Avalanche NFTs. Thus, there has been an important development for Avalanche behind altcoin AVAX. Here are the details…

Shopify announces integration in popular altcoin project

According to a press release, Shopify users can sell NFTs with “minimum technical knowledge” using the Venly Shopify merchant app. NFTs created by vendors are “automatically turned into products” that can be displayed and purchased in their storefronts. In addition, recipients do not need to have an existing crypto wallet and will instead receive an email with a link to a newly created Blockchain wallet.

“The integration makes it easy to review Avalanche NFT sales from initial design to final deployment,” said John Nahas, vice president of business at Ava Labs, developer of the Avalanche Blockchain. The app also creates a simple experience for Shopify buyers. A pre-existing crypto wallet is not required to purchase Avalanche NFT. After purchasing an NFT from Shopify, buyers receive an email with a new wallet link. This wallet holds NFT and can be sent to any other wallet like Core. Venly CEO and Co-Founder Tim Dierckxsens used the following statements:

With Shopify’s vision of making commerce better and our goal of making Blockchain simpler, we provide businesses with an accessible entry point to both. The Venly Shopify NFT App offers users an exciting opportunity to engage in Web3 eCommerce, regardless of their technical expertise. A very fast, low cost and environmentally friendly Blockchain, Avalanche was an obvious choice for us to provide businesses with a great NFT selling solution.

The e-commerce giant launched the first NFT integration in July 2021, allowing traders to sell NFTs directly from their stores instead of third-party marketplaces. Also, the platform has released an NFT collection with the Chicago Bulls from the NBA.

Big companies are turning to NFT space

According to Venly, Shopify owners can also earn royalties from secondary NFT transactions through Venly Market. “Our growing blockchain ecosystem demonstrates our commitment to supporting merchants selling NFTs directly through their storefronts, helping to further drive Web3 engagement and expand what is possible in commerce,” said Christina Lomazzo, leader of Shopify’s blockchain ecosystem.

Shopify joins a growing number of mainstream platforms adopting digital collectibles. As reported, Instagram and its parent company Meta recently opened the NFT edition to a select group of digital creators, while Reddit successfully launched the NFT marketplace.


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