The UK Is Looking For A Crypto Inspector For 1 Million TL Annually!


The UK National Crime Agency will set up a cryptocurrency to investigate crypto crimes.

In the crypto industry, fraud and hacking attacks are about 3 billion dollars in damage. After the events in which investors suffered and many projects were out of use, the first moves started to come. Unified Kingdom continues to take steps with its president, who is warm to the crypto sector. Finally UK National Crime Agencyhas published the job posting of the new cryptocurrency.

UK National Crime Agency Builds Cryptocurrency!

The UK has taken steps to investigate crypto crimes and illegal processes against the industry. UK National Crime Agency, will now also have crypto currency.


The government agency has posted a job posting via its website. In this job posting, 40,209sterling to 43,705 It took place that a salary of between sterling and sterling would be paid. Following this job posting, the cryptocurrency will actively take to the field. The National Crime Agency wants to counter crypto scams. Cryptocurrency will only take an active role within the country. The unit wants to manage processes with the right steps and the right capabilities.


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