These 12 Altcoins Announce Key Partnerships: Here are the Details!


Many altcoins stand out, especially with their partnership news. As the usage area in some projects expands through partnerships, adoption can also increase. Here are the recent altcoin partnership news…

Important collaborations attracted attention for these 12 altcoin projects

Ripple Labs and Republic of Palau partnership arrives

It turns out that the Republic of Palau is working with Ripple Labs to explore the possibility of creating a national stablecoin. Palau is preparing to issue identity cards to its digital residents in the form of NFTs on the BNB Chain. With this latest cryptocurrency news, XRP, the native token of the Ripple ecosystem, has increased by more than 5 percent. It has seen a slight retraction at the time of writing.

Argentine Football Federation and Upland announce cooperation

The Argentine Football Federation AFA has partnered with the metaverse platform, Upland, to introduce fans to the metaverse. Upland will allow Argentine fans to make a greater connection with AFA history. Clubs will offer the opportunity to acquire digital representations of the league’s various properties, including games, historical moments and even tickets.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) developer may have hinted at a new partnership

Many rumors surfaced after Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama updated his Twitter status to “We are not alone”. While SHIB fans hoped for more to come, the status update sparked speculation on social media platforms. Moreover, in Kusama’s current Twitter post, “With a new friend… guess who?” His sharing of statements sparked a rumor of partnership. Unlike other articles, there is no official explanation for this development.

OKX partners with DappRadar

Seychelles-based cryptocurrency service provider OKX connects its platform to DappRadar’s API, offering more decentralized apps through the Dapp Discovery Tool. With the partnership, OKX’s Web3 Wallet will be available on the DappRadar platform. This allows users to easily access their decentralized wallet while exploring the DApp world.

Official partnership announcement from Occam DAO and Velas Blockchain

Occam DAO and Velas Blockchain passed stake-based voting on strategic partnership proposal. The DAO said it will provide all the support and expertise needed to grow the Velas ecosystem. Thus, it will begin to integrate into the Velas Blockchain as an incubation and due diligence layer. Velas Network launched its mainnet in July 2019. Velas is highly scalable and can verify more than 50,000 transactions per second.

Chainlink and Arbitrum partnership drew attention

Chainlink (LINK), the main decentralized oracle of the cryptocurrency market, and Layer 2 Arbitrum have formed another important partnership for the Blockchain industry. As a result, Chainlink Automation was launched on Arbitrum One.

BNB Chain and announce partnership

BNB Chain continues to focus on the web3 space. It has previously announced its mission to be an ultimate destination for Web3 games. This can be seen in its recent partnership with, which fits perfectly with its mission to engage 1 billion Web3 users. The partnership will enable both parties to work together on GameFi dApp development, technical research and community growth.

PXP Financial partners with Forum Pay

PXP Financial, a specialist in global purchasing, payment, fraud and data analytics services, has announced a partnership with ForumPay, a global provider of cryptocurrency payment technology. The partnership will enable crypto payments through PXP’s multi-channel payment platform. Going forward, PXP traders will be able to use ForumPay’s next-generation payment technology and industry-leading expertise to accept crypto payments from any of the more than 425 million crypto wallets used by consumers around the world.

Polygon’s collaboration with Mastercard

The Polygon blockchain has partnered with neobanking app hi and Mastercard to offer a platform that allows users to create a personalized, web3-driven NFT debit card.

TRON DAO joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

TRON DAO, a community-run DAO dedicated to accelerating the centralization of the internet through blockchain technology and dApps, announced today that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). As an EEA member, TRON DAO will collaborate with the EEA and its members, prominent innovators and leaders in the Ethereum ecosystem to accelerate the pace of Ethereum business advancements and adoption.

Baby Doge announces integration with 1inch

Baby Doge Swap has partnered with 1inch Network to become a new source of liquidity for the DEX aggregator. Baby Doge and 1inch Network came together as 1inch integrated Baby Doge router as a new liquidity source.


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