This Altcoin Announced Rebranding: Its Price Fluctuated!


Coin98 Finance, which aims to connect TradFi users to DeFi services on multiple blockchains, announced that it will operate under a new brand. In this context, he announced that the new brand of his altcoin project will be Ninety Eight. Amidst these developments, the token price has gone on a rollercoaster ride.

Coin98 Finance announced its new brand, altcoin price fluctuated! As you follow from , some altcoin projects choose to change their brand to make a difference. One of these that is remembered was the transformation of ImmutableX into Mutiverse. In a recent development, Coin98 Finance announced that it will continue its operations under a new brand. In this context, the altcoin project made the following statement from its official X account:

Coin98 Finance has rebranded, the company is now called Ninety Eight.

“At the heart of Ninety Eight, we are builders supporting builders,” Coin98 wrote in its description. he continued. He then emphasized their mission to build and finance Blockchain companies that make Web3 accessible to everyone. Meanwhile, he stated that there will be no change in C98, the token of the ecosystem. In this regard, he noted that the token will continue to be the token of Ninety Eight. However, he said new tools for the C98 are on the horizon, promising to add more vibrancy and strength to the ecosystem.

Following the statements, the altcoin price followed a fluctuating course. The token price, which initially started to rise, then started to decline. However, at press time it turned north again. At the time of writing, Coin98 was trading at $0.1873, up over 5% on a daily basis.

Altcoin project announced what the new move will bring!

Coin98 is a decentralized finance solution that gives users access to cross-chain exchanges, staking and yield farming. As the altcoin enters a new phase, Ninety Eight promises to be more than just a name. In this regard, he states that they will be an ecosystem built on their strong belief in human potential. Coin98 underlined the following points for this change:

The rebranding from “Coin98 Finance” to “Ninety Eight” represents a meaningful transformation.

“98” is our legacy.

“Ninety Eight” is our future.

“Ninety Eight” represents our ambition to transcend our original identity by embracing possibilities beyond finance.”

Ninety Eight ecosystem is now active

He says that the altcoin project ‘Ninety Eight’ is an important milestone that symbolizes the evolution of his journey. He states that this transition will broaden their horizons and honor their legacy. In this regard, he notes that this move paves the way for an exciting future.


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