This Altcoin Blows Up Announcement: Big Upgrade Coming! Price Rising…


The Mina Protocol (MINA) team recently shared details of a major upgrade. The announcement, titled “A big upgrade is coming,” passes the altcoin price.

Mina team adopts ZK smart contracts

According to the official announcement, Mina is preparing to bring powerful ZK smart contracts to the mainnet that will significantly enhance products built using MINA. Key features of the upgrade include more privacy and the construction of zkApps for the altcoin network. According to details:

  • Easier zkApp programmability with o1js – Previously “SnarkyJS” was a TypeScript library for writing ZK smart contracts.
  • Security and efficiency enhanced with Kimchi – a new proof system.
  • Removing overloaded rewards – a temporary incentive to increase staking adoption in the early stages of the mainnet.

What is changing in the altcoin network?

The upcoming upgrade is characterized by three key features. These include new apps for the altcoin network and its investors:

  • Enhanced zkApp Programmability: Upgrade will simplify zkApp development through integration of o1js. This tool was previously known as the TypeScript library “SnarkyJS” designed for crafting ZK smart contracts.
  • Introducing Kimchi. Mina is ready to adopt Kimchi, the new proof system that promises to improve both safety and efficiency.
  • Progressive Removal of Overloaded Rewards. Mina has offered hefty rewards to encourage staking adoption in the early stages of the mainnet. However, this incentive is planned to be removed in the next upgrade.

Preparations started with testnet

In preparation for this important leap, Mina launched Testworld Mission 2.0. This altcoin testnet is divided into four separate parts, with the first two zkApp End-to-End (E2E) Testing and External Security Audit already completed. The remaining parts focus on Protocol and Performance Tests and final preparations for the upcoming upgrade.

Mina has witnessed significant progress since its mainnet launch, especially led by @o1_labs. His contributions include the adaptation of the Pickles recursive layer to Kimchi, ensuring universality, implementation of zkApp processing logic, and significant changes to complementary modules originating from zkApps. They also played a crucial role in equipping the o1js frontend to support zkApps and connect seamlessly to the protocol and proof system layers.

The news of the upgrade gives momentum to the altcoin price

Ranked 86th by market capitalization, it was up around 2.5% at the time of the announcement. Meanwhile, the overall market, including BTC and ETH, is moving sideways with low volatility. The altcoin is now waiting for new buyers after the “big upgrade” announcement.

For detailed information about Mina Protocol (MINA) cryptocoin.comYou can access it from this article.


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