This Altcoin Continues Its Climb: More Highs Aimed!


Worldcoin’s World Identity is gaining traction in Chile. Amidst these developments, the altcoin price is moving in the opposite direction of the market. Analyst Kelvin Munene notes Worldcoin (WLD)’s increasing market cap and strong investor interest. The analyst is pointing higher for WLD as it rises to $1.70.

The altcoin project paves the way for a global economic opportunity!

Worldcoin recently achieved a major success when more than 200,000 Chileans created a World ID, representing 1% of the country’s population. The altcoin project uses “Orb”, a device designed for privacy-conscious digital identification. As a result, once verified, users can safely prove their unique human identity.

Moreover, Worldcoin’s development company, Tools For Humanity (TFH), advocates World ID’s “Proof of Personality” that distinguishes between humans and bots. Worldcoin claims that it opens up a global economic opportunity that has the potential to increase the importance of the platform.

Global inclusion and the path forward for Worldcoin

Beyond Chile, Worldcoin’s global reach continues to impress. The TFH team has already verified the identities of almost 2 million people worldwide. This rapid expansion underscores Worldcoin’s growing influence in the cryptoverse. But that doesn’t mean they’re immune from regulatory hurdles. However, his determination to bring the advantages of the altcoin project to the masses is also evident.

Additionally, during a chat on the Ethereum Argentina Mainnet Stage, Alex Blania, co-founder of Worldcoin and CEO of TFH, discussed Chile’s positive response. Blania highlighted Chile’s tech-savvy environment and welcoming approach to cryptocurrencies. According to him, this combination positions Chile as a strong hub for crypto innovation. In addition to its Santiago base, seeing increasing demand, TFH has established footprints in Vina del Mar and Concepcion. This move testifies to Worldcoin’s capacity to connect with various demographic segments in Chile.

Altcoin price analysis: There are higher targets! As you follow from , positive momentum has regained dominance in the Worldcoin (WLD) market. This caused the altcoin price to jump from a 24-hour low of $0.9758 to a 30-day record high of $1.70. If buyers gain enough traction to push prices above $1.70, the next resistance level to watch is $2.00. However, if the bears gain control of the market, a decline to the downside is possible, with $1.50 and $1.30 as potential support levels.

WLD 24-hour price chart. Source: CoinStats

Altcoin market cap and 24-hour trading volume increased by 7.28% and 62.68%, reaching $220,968,779 and $128,491,025, respectively. This increase in market cap and trading volume indicates high investor interest in Worldcoin (WLD). Additionally, both have the potential to help sustain altcoin price growth. This indicates that there is great activity and liquidity in the market. As a result, Worldcoin gained momentum with more than 200,000 Chileans adopting World ID. Thus, as the altcoin rises to new highs at $1.70, it is eyeing higher.

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