This altcoin entered the season quickly: It exceeded 250 percent!


THORChain( RUNE) continues to increase its popularity with its sharp rise in recent days.

RUNE, one of the names that showed the highest increase in recent days, made an attack again. The popular coin, which managed to reach from $ 1,491 to $ 5,351 in just 30 days, recorded a total increase of 258.91 percent with this move. In addition, often Most A lot AscendantsRUNE, which managed to be included in the list, took the second place with an increase of 31.22 percent in the last 24 hours.

10 dollar levels are being talked about again!

RUNE, which had the wind behind it after breaking $ 5,144, started to spread positive data on the fundamental analysis side. The coin, which is increasingly gaining fame on social media platforms, may make a move towards $6.74 – $8.891 – $10.546 and $11.952, respectively, in a scenario where BTC is also doing well.

BTC’s bearish move or RUNE’s loss of momentum will trigger a possible decline. In such a situation, the levels where relaxation can be expected are $ 5,144 – $ 4,056 and $ 3,071 respectively. A loss of $3,071 could be followed by a pullback first to the monthly opening level and then to the annual opening level.


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