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This Altcoin Enters The Famous Stock Exchange: The Price Has Jumped!


The famous cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced that it will add the token of the project, which it has been following, to its altcoin lists.

Altcoin listing came from Huobi

Pi Network is officially listed on the Huobi exchange. According to the latest announcement, Huobi has announced that it will open PI spot trading (PI/USDT) on December 29 at 09:00 (UTC). cryptocoin.comWe reported 3 days ago that Huobi announced that it will be following updates closely to review the Pi for listing as soon as possible.

On the same day, XT.com also announced that it will be listed on the PI (Pi Network) exchange. Pi Network seems to be the finish line in the race to list some exchanges lately. XT.COM posted an announcement yesterday saying that the Pi is listed as a PI/USDT pair. However, it would open to trade at 03:00 on 29 December. Today, Huobi reported that Pi Network spot trading (PI/USDT) is available for trading right after it announced that Pi spot trading (PI/USDT) will open at 09:00 (UTC) on December 29.

PI price rose rapidly

Pi Network is displayed as PI/USDT on the Huobi exchange. According to Huobi data, PI, which was seen to be traded at about $ 0.01, rose to $ 61.9. Also, according to CoinMarketCap data, the lowest price of the token is $10.85. However, the highest level it reached was recorded as $ 35.43. However, deposits and withdrawals are unlikely to occur until the open mainnet, which has yet to be launched.

With the launch of deposits and withdrawals by Huobi, it is thought that the tokens produced by mobile mining will create “a selling pressure” on the price. It is Huobi’s first centralized exchange to express interest in Pi. However, XT.com was the first exchange to list the Pi currency. By doing so, Huobi took second place on exchanges to list the Pi currency after XT.com. So far this all seems like a good sign for the Pi community and the business itself.

Pi Network descriptions

Pi Network claims to have 35 million users worldwide. The project’s Twitter account currently has more than 2 million followers. The founder of a major blockchain project in Vietnam said that Huobi’s announcement did not actually specify any details about the Pi Network project, except that the project has a large community. ‘Huobi will need the technological aspects of the Pi Network to be more complete,’ said one person. He added that the announcement could be a way for Huobi to gain new users.

Pi Network has not yet commented on the matter. Huobi is considered one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Coinecko data received on Monday revealed that the platform has the third-largest exchange value after two other major cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance and Coinbase.


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