This Altcoin Inventor Loses Funds Gamble: Crashed!


The altcoin plunged after the NFT series and cryptocurrency founder admitted he lost client funds gambling.

Altcoin and NFT series on the decline

Cryptocurrency CluCoin (CLU) and the founder of popular NFT series Goobers revealed that DNP3 has lost all customer funds in gambling. Then, the base prices of the CLU and NFT collections crashed. Crypto inventor and Twitch streamer DNP3 announced in a post on his official Twitter account that he lost all customer funds in gambling. The crypto inventor, who started his statement with an apology, said, “There is no easy way to deliver this news and this is one of the most difficult messages I have had to give in my life.” DNP3 admitted that in 2022, he deposited every money he received on the online gambling site He also stated that he lost everything here. The cryptocurrency founder did not share details in his statement about exactly how much money he lost. The founder’s statements are as follows:

“I became incredibly addicted to gambling last year. I was investing every dollar I could find in Stake in hopes of winning big. This wasn’t enough even when I was making big gains. I eventually lost everything on this site, including my own savings and client funds.”

DNP3, who has repeatedly apologized in his statements, said he had lost his self-esteem. Then he explained that he started to get help to get rid of this addiction. The founder also added that he will make detailed explanations about the future of CLU, Xenia and Gridcraft & Goobers projects in the coming period. According to the data, the CLU has lost 77% of its value in the last 24 hours. It is also momentarily trading at $0.00000000005782. On the other hand, the OpenSea base price of the Goobers NFT series, founded by DNP3, has decreased to 0.02 Ethereum (ETH). cryptocoin.comAs we mentioned, the project reached its peak on February 20, 2022 with a base price of 55.25 ETH.

Gamers are pushing NFTs away from mainstream games

The internet’s anti-NFT narrative seems to have successfully separated mainstream game development companies from NFTs. Throughout 2022, game developers such as Stalker studio GSC Game World, Ubisoft, and Worms developer Team17 have backed away from their intentions to integrate NFTs into games due to negative feedback from the gaming community. Game developer Ubisoft has taken a step back on NFTs after implementing NFT integration through the Quartz project. The U-turn came after the gaming company received negative feedback online about Quartz in 2021.

In the midst of the backlash, many still believe that NFTs and games can be intertwined. On November 4, Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson spoke in an earnings call, stressing that NFTs and winning by playing are the future of gaming. However, the EA CEO also stated that it is still early to see how it will work. Alongside EA, Final Fantasy creator Square Enix has also supported integrating NFTs and blockchain into games. The company recently invested in an NFT gaming company.


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