This Altcoin Partnered With Samsung! Price is Flying!


Another giant partnership has been formed between crypto and the real world. Samsung has teamed up with Polygon-based streaming app Savage to deliver high-quality images and videos to Web3 users. After the news, the altcoin price made about 3x despite the bear market.

Savage’s partnership with Samsung has skyrocketed altcoin price

Savage (SAVG) is a streaming app running on Polygon Blockchain. Altcoin has partnered with Samsung, a leading power tool maker, to enable Web3 users to access high-quality images and videos. The streaming protocol said on Twitter that its collaboration with the company will help improve the Web3 solutions it currently provides.

Savage claims that the Smart TV app can help with the seamless integration of an IRL display. In addition, the application is protected by rights-managed contracts that are integrated into metadata. As a result, it has the potential to reach more than 25 million households. In addition, it gives customers the ability to access high-quality downloads from any market.

In Savage’s latest post, it is stated that the maximum size of these uploads is 8K. However, the Blockchain-powered streaming app will be able to reach Samsung’s massive audience from all over the world. After this good news, the price of altcoin almost flew. While it was trading at $ 0.0025 levels, it reached up to $ 0.0070 with a sudden jump. Although later pulled back, the altcoin is trading at $0.004712, up 86% on a daily basis at press time.

SAVG daily price chart / Source: CoinMarketCap

Polygon keeps growing

Thus, Polygon continues its commitment to support the growth of DeFi applications. With a strong acceptance rate, Polygon currently hosts more than 53,000 decentralized projects as of writing. Meanwhile, Polygon reportedly helped facilitate more than 960 million transactions, implementing 778,000 smart contracts in 2022. In addition, Polygon witnessed the participation of 234,000 contract creators.

It’s been just a few months since Samsung and Google announced that they’re expanding their collaboration to improve the smart home experience. Samsung actively forges strategic partnerships to strengthen its market position and maintain its position as a recognized name in the electronics and technology industries. As you follow in November, Meta released a toolset that allows Instagram users to generate and sell NFTs through the Polygon platform. As a result, creators on Instagram can now design and sell digital collectibles both on and off the platform.


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