This Little-Known Altcoin Announces Its Partnership with Amazon!


Meson Network (MESON), a Web3 project that is not yet listed on central exchanges, has launched a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services. The collaboration promises a strong future for the altcoin project.

Meson Network announces its partnership with AWS

Web3-focused altcoin project Meson Network officially announced its partnership with AWS yesterday. This collaboration will contribute to the creation of reliable data center node operators for Meson. The official announcement includes the following statements about the Vector Plan and Meson’s road map:

While many are familiar with Meson Network, which has been providing a decentralized content delivery network (CDN) service to Web3 users for the last few years, this is only one aspect of Meson’s broader Vector Plan. The overall goal of the Vector Plan is to create a Nasdaq-like platform for bandwidth infrastructure, known as Meson Exchange. This plan is aligned with Meson Network’s goal of transitioning from a closed, manually contract-based market to one governed by protocol contributors and participants.

The altcoin project is also developing a new tool for bandwidth issues. Meson Exchange provides permanent solutions to these bandwidth problems. Some of these problems are as follows:

  • The need to bring together long-tail, mid-market and edge suppliers.
  • Using these providers to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of both Web2 and Web3. This is a sought-after feature in the altcoin setctor.
  • Attraction of larger suppliers and requests to join the network through Meson Exchange.
  • Extending the Meson model to address similar challenges in other infrastructure products.
  • AWS’s support to Meson Network plays an important role in realizing these goals. Companies and developers can easily get started with Meson node deployment on AWS through the following options:

About Meson Network

Meson Network uses a Blockchain protocol model to replace traditional labor-based sales models. It builds the decentralized bandwidth market for Web3 by aggregating and monetizing free bandwidth at a low cost. The altcoin project provides the foundation for decentralized storage, computation, and data transmission for the emerging Web3 Dapp ecosystem. The Amazon partnership will provide node services for Meson as part of this altcoin vision.

Amazon partnership provides price increase for listed altcoin projects Past Amazon Web Services partnerships, which we reported as, had an impact on altcoin prices. For example, altcoin project IOST gained double-digit value after its March collaboration announcement. You can check out other partnership announcements on this page. Altcoin Meson Network (MESON) has not been able to perform in terms of price as it is not currently listed on centralized exchanges.


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