Thodex Founder Fatih Özer is Extradited to Turkey


Faruk Fatih Özer, the founder of Turkey-based crypto exchange Thodex, is being extradited to Turkey.

Faruk Fatih Özer, who was involved in the events with the crypto money exchange Thodex in Turkey, had breathed in Albania. After the Thodex events, which many investors were victims of, the arrest of the founder Özer in Albania became a hot topic. As a result of the ongoing lawsuits, Özer’s extradition became final. First, on 17 November, Özer’s extradition to Turkey was authorized by the Elbasan Court of First Instance. In the subsequent processes, the approval process was delayed because Özer’s lawyer was not involved in the court. In the last hearing, the Durraç Court of Appeal approved the extradition of Özer to Turkey.

Thodex Founder Fatih Özer is Coming to Turkey

The founder Fatih Özer, who was involved in the events with the crypto money exchange Thodex, was caught in Albania and entered into legal processes. The Thodex founder continued to remain in detention as per the court he appeared on September 2. However, Özer’s lawyer took this decision to the appeal court on September 14.

The Dıraç Court of Appeals, which examined the processes, approved Özer’s detention on 20 September. Following this decision, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated that Özer would be extradited to Turkey.

After lengthy lawsuits and legal processes, the extradition of Thodex founder Fatih Özer to Turkey has become final. Ozer, who was involved in accusations with the crypto exchange, is coming to Turkey.


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