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Today’s Top Rising Altcoins – March 18, 2023


With Bitcoin (BTC) targeting $ 30,000, sharp rises were observed in altcoins, we have compiled the most valuable altcoins of the day.

BTCof the recent making new heightsalmost to the rise of altcoins ground prepared . “Rising from $19,500 to $27,500.” the sector forerunner“, for now domination delivery received in the state . Despite BTC Dominance rising rapidly and crushing altcoins, many altcoins This get out of the situationshowed sharp rises.

1- Mask Network (MASK)

MASKwith up-to-date internet By creating a bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0It is a protocol that allows users to transmit encrypted messages and crypto money via Twitter and Facebook. mask‘of basis purposeon the other hand, to expand the freedom of users on the internet and social media networks against censorship, security to provide.

2- Conflux (CFX)

CFX, yourself belongingOne blockchainIt is the native cryptocurrency of the Conflux Network project. Prof. Ugh workThis project, which is connected to the consensus system, is an opportunity for markets, communities and content creators. connection to establish purposes . CFX bridging Asian and Western communities and economies , ring open One block is the chain.

3- dYdX (DYDX)

DYDX, dYdXof the community aim it to manage the layer-2 protocol r. DYDX provides joint control of the protocol, enabling traders, liquidity providers and dYdX partners to work together on an advanced protocol. DYDX owners, propose and vote on protocol changes, earn staking rewards and enjoy transaction fee reductionshas such advantages.


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