Togg Test Drive Award-Winning Blockchain Days Begins


Blockchain Days, organized by the METU Blockchain Community, is getting ready to open its doors. Coinkolik, BTCHaber and Univechain under the roof of Kriptomeda are also among the media partners of the event.

Topics such as decentralized finance, web3 regulations, cryptocurrencies, metaverse, gamefi will be discussed in the panels by valuable and expert people from abroad and domestically. In addition to these, many more competitions such as the TOGG test drive award-winning NFT competition organized by TOGG, training workshops and networking hours will be waiting for its participants in Ankara.

Blockchain Days Event from METU Blockchain Community

Blockchain Days, where important topics such as cryptocurrencies, DeFi, DAO, NFT are discussed, awaits Web3 fans on December 23-24.

With the participation of leading universities in Turkey and the world, such as METU, Stanford University, Bilkent University, blockchain technologies in areas such as cryptography and scalability will be delved into.

Baki Er(Litera), Doruk Ismen(dYdX Turkey), Han Tuzun(NeufiHQ), Alpine Light(Enclave Markets) and Turan Sert well-known pioneers of the industry such as the speakers are among the speakers. Working as a software developer in the Web3 field, data revolution, DAO management, business development in the blockchain ecosystem, development of financial technologies and more are some of the topics that will be covered by these participants.

Among the supporters of Blockchain Days, which will be held at the Congress Culture Center in METU, are Paribu Hub, Avalanche Foundation, TOGG, GEAR Technologies and many other companies.


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