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Tomorrow Critical for These 27 Altcoins: Here’s the To-Do List!


We are leaving behind the week when Bitcoin was on the rise. To prepare for the new week, investors prefer to examine various altcoin developments. Because changes and developments in altcoin ecosystems can indicate an increase in altcoin price. Here are the news to consider tomorrow, the first day of the new week…

Tomorrow, this is important for altcoin projects

  • Unilend Finance (UFT) will release UniLend V2 on the Polygon ZkEVM testnet.
  • KRYZA Network (KRYZA) will be performing the V2 update of KRYZA Swap tomorrow.
  • SocialBlox (SBLX) will launch SocialBlox 2.0.0 tomorrow.
  • Gather (GTH) will start taking screenshots for its biweekly airdrop tomorrow. Airdrop will distribute LIBX tokens.
  • Paris Blockchain week starts tomorrow and ends on March 24.
  • Lido DAO (LDO) announced the launch of the Goerli testnet. The test period will continue for 4 weeks.
  • Between March 20-23, 2023, the conference called Outer Edge LA will take place in Los Angeles. The team of coins such as AXS, RARE, SKL will participate in the event.
  • Teams of game-related projects such as TLM, SKL, GALA will attend the Game Developers Conference between March 20-24, 2023.
  • BitMart will list Leandro Lopes (LOPES) with USDT pair at 12 CET tomorrow.
  • BitMart lists Marvin Inu (MARVIN) in USDT pair at 05:00 CET.
  • Dfyn Network (DFYN) will launch its beta mainnet tomorrow.
  • LBank lists mCoin (MCOIN) in USDT pair at TSI 16.
  • Projects such as DappRadar (RADAR), Huobi (HT), IMPT, ICP will participate in the World Blockchain Summit.
  • Azbit (AZ) will carry out its weekly token burning tomorrow.
  • Market Making Pro (MMPRO) will hold a question and answer event with Gate.io stock market tomorrow at 16 CEST.
  • BTCEX will hold a Q&A event with Gleec Coin (GLEEC) at 13:00 tomorrow.
  • Spores Network (SPO) will hold a question and answer event with BingX tomorrow.
  • Level (LVL) will hold the question and answer event with PancakeSwap tomorrow at 16 pm.
  • BitMart will hold the question and answer event with Omniverse (OMM) tomorrow at 14 CET.
  • Perpetual Protocol (PERP) will be rolling out the team update tomorrow.
  • IPOR (IPOR) will hold the question and answer event with Bitget at 16 CET tomorrow.
  • Changes will be made to the daily BNB balance calculation for Binance Launchpad subscription starting March 22. cryptocoin.comAs we reported, Binance had recently supported the INJ and STG updates and hard fork.
  • Radiant Capital has launched Radiant v2 and its current total locked value (TVL) exceeds $15 million.
  • Chainlink has integrated rETH/ETH price flow on Ethereum.
  • A MakerDAO proposal to increase the debt ceiling on the DAO’s asset vault from $500 million to $1.25 billion received positive votes.
  • Flare Networks announced the successful distribution of the first of 36 planned FLR airdrops to wrapped token holders.


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