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Trader Joe Expands To BNB Chain!


Avalanche ( AVAX) based decentralized exchange Trader Joe’s, Arbitrumafter integration to BNB Chainwill also integrate.

Serving multiple decentralized networks DeFi ‘s popularity is increasing day by day. big now DeFi projects began to avoid providing services over a single network. Multi-network integration DeFi platforms want to increase their adoption rates. One of these projects Trader Joe’s After starting on the Avalanche network, it started to integrate with many networks. Finally Trader Joe’s, BNB Chainannounced that it will provide integration to .

Trader Joe winks at BNB Chain after Arbitrum

Decentralized crypto exchange Trader Joe’s, DeFi platformand NFTthe market place BNB Chain announced that it will expand to . This expansion comes after the Arbitrum development over the past months.

BNB chainTwitter account, Trader Joe’sannounced that it will now start its services on this network. BNB Chain, Trader Joe’sHe thinks that it will be beneficial in terms of ecosystem development.

Finding good adoption on Avalanche DeFiproject, BNB Chain It will start to actively use the efficiency and reliability of . This integration MarchIt is expected to be done by the end of the month.

Trader Joe’sCo-Founder Crypto Fish, “The integration of NFT marketplace Joepegs and decentralized exchange Trader Joe into BNB Chain will be completed before the end of the first quarter of the year.” said.


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