Twitter Indexes BTC and ETH Price to Search Function


social media platform twitter, to the search function Bitcoin ( BTC) and Ethereum ( ETH) indexed its price.

Cryptocurrencies have begun to integrate more with digital media. Especially twitter became the most active talk of the crypto industry. Considering the marketing ratios of the sector, the highest customer potential twitter is located in. The platform, which is actively used by crypto investors, attracted attention by adding a new feature. Twitter allows its users to access the search tab. BTCand ETHallowed them to learn the price by writing.

Twitter Users Can See BTC and ETH Price Instantly

The innovation brought by the social media platform will enable the search bar to be used more functionally. Those who type the abbreviation of the investment product instead of the search will be able to see the price of that product instantly.

twitter, cryptocurrencies Bitcoin ( BTC) and Ethereum ( ETH ) activated this feature for CEO of the platform Elon Musk, the new feature’s financial twitterHe stated that it was one of the many product improvements coming to .

Musk, Dogecoin ( DOGE ) for this new feature has not made a move. for now only BTCand ETH can be viewed. This graphic information TradingViewreflected through.

The platform team, which attracted great interest with the new feature, expressed that they want to expand the scope of the symbol in the coming weeks.


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