UK Licenses Hidden Road


global credit network hidden road, United KingdomFrom the Fiscal Executive Authority ( FCA) has acquired a digital asset license.

Crypto organizations and other digital companies are working hard to obtain licenses from the regulatory authorities of countries. The need for regulation and supervision has become important to the overall market direction. Cryptocurrency exchanges, in particular, have begun to receive validator licenses from various countries. The reason for this is to restore the lost confidence in the market. On the other hand, the corporate global credit network hidden road A new move has come from. Company, United KingdomLicensed by the editor.

Corporate Company Hidden Road Passes UK Regulator

hidden road, United Kingdomfrom the Financial Executive Authority, the regulator of FCA ) passed and obtained the right of registration. Corporate, FCABecame the only main broker with investment company license and digital asset company registration from .

These licenses hidden road It will provide the opportunity to offer both foreign exchange and digital spot and derivative products. Head of global business development of the company Michael Higgins, “Our corporate client base is seeking like-minded partners that embrace regulatory infrastructure, and this latest endorsement further demonstrates our commitment to positively shape digital asset markets.”said.

Moreover Higgins, United Kingdom He had a positive attitude towards the editor of . Chairman, digital asset operations FCAHe expressed his satisfaction with the fact that it was audited by a respected regulator such as


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