Unexpected exit from Ethereum Classic (ETC)!


Derivative coins, which generally come to the fore after sharp rises, Ethereum classicalof ( ETC) aroused curiosity with its decomposition.

EthereumContinuing its upward movement despite its horizontal course in ETC , excited the investor base. Derivative coins, which generally take action during the voluminous and sharp rises of the main coin, brought a question mark to mind with this movement of ETC. Could the price movement in ETC diverging from ETH be a positive signal for forks?

What about the increase in the last 24 hours? Most A lot AscendantsWhat is the technical structure of ETC, which ranked seventh in the list?

If it breaks through the next resistance, buyers’ appetite may increase!

ETC, which has successfully operated as support at the $ 17.88 level in the past, is now trying to exceed this level. ETC, which tested $ 17.88 on October 31, was unsuccessful. The derivative coin, which forced this obstacle again, retreated to $ 17.35. In order for the bullish expectation in ETC to occur, the $17.88 point must be broken in volume. Afterwards, 17.88 – 19.03 – 20.13 – 21.19 and 22.44 dollars can be targeted respectively.

Sharp declines in ETH or a decline in BTC by $ 30,000 will naturally push the price of ETC to lower levels. In such a situation, the levels where a withdrawal can be expected are 17.01 – 15.59 – 14.68 and 13.51 dollars, respectively. Failure to protect $13.51 by buyers may trigger a new sales wave.


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