US Democrats Divided About SEC Chairman


USADemocrats in, SEChead Gary GenslerHe is divided about his stance on cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency crashes, bankruptcies and scam stories 2022 marked the year. After the crypto bull market, millions of investors were directly affected by the processes that started due to the global economy and market conditions. Especially terracrisis and FTX ‘s bankruptcy was among the events that marked the year. The crypto industry, which is thought to be in better places in the future, has been under the influence of the bear trend due to bad scenarios. All eyes are on regulators and controllers around the world.

US Democrats Disagree About SEC Chair Gensler

USAin the council democratsworking on digital assets SEChead Gary GenslerHe has a difference of opinion on the matter.

Some democrats gens He states that ‘s attitude on digital assets is not sufficient and cannot produce a solution. In the face of years of scams, especially the mass provoking the FTX collapse gensHe claimed that he did not have an adequate view.

Democratsthe other part gens He argued that ‘s got an efficient and correct reaction. This audience stated that natural conditions have not deteriorated with the release of digital assets more comfortably.

The disagreement started, especially between the forward-looking audience and the skeptical audience of cryptocurrencies. This separation on the part of the parliament and Republicansintense pressure, genscan create a stressful environment.

In general, the authorities digital assetsA clear and swift regulation awaits.


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