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Visa Recommends StarkNet for Direct Payments


Global payment provider Visafor automatic payments of users with personal wallets StarkNetHe suggested using .

Solid steps are being taken in the integration of global finance and the crypto industry. Despite the challenging market conditions of cryptocurrencies, studies on blockchain are increasing. Institutional companies have also been involved in countries’ blockchain initiatives. Although cryptocurrencies are not yet seen as a means of payment, its technology continues to attract attention. In the crypto bear market, the increase in adoption rates and the usefulness of technology play an important role. Finally, the global giant company Visa, on automatic payments Layer 2based StarkNetHe suggested.

Visa Moves With Crypto Faith

Global giant company Visa made a proposal to the crypto industry. This offer Ethereumestablished on StarkNetHe highlighted that .

in the offer Visaits authors, “We see automatic payments as a core functionality that current blockchain infrastructure lacks”in a statement found.

According to the tech giant’s thinking, StarkNet can provide convenience to personal wallet holders. It is intended to bridge the gap between the real world and crypto by allowing users to make automatic payments more easily.


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