Vitalik Buterin Hacked: Fake Tweet Collected Half a Million Dollars!


Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin suddenly promoted an NFT project from his X account last night. The account, which was compromised by hackers, raised half a million dollars through fake tweets.

Vitalik Buterin was hacked

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted about an NFT project from his X account last night. The tweet, which invited people to the mint phase of a Poroto-danksharding themed collection, quickly raised half a million dollars. Reports say the damage exceeded $691,000.

Vitalik’s father, Dmitry Buterin, announced in his post on X on September 9 that his son’s account was hacked. Dmitry Buterin wrote, “Ignore this post. It looks like Vitalik was hacked. “Working to restore access,” he wrote.

Even Ethereum developers were fooled

As a result, this incident led Ethereum developer Bok Khoo, known as ‘Bokky Poobah’ on X, to claim losses on his CryptoPunk NFT collection. At the time of publication, the current base price of the CryptoPunk NFT was 46.99 Ether. This is equivalent to approximately $76,837.

ZachXBT actively informs its 438,200 followers about the hacker’s activities. He recently shared that the most valuable NFT stolen so far is “CryptoPunk #3983” worth 153.62 ETH, which is equivalent to approximately $250,543.

Vitalik Buterin did not take adequate precautions

A user named “Satoshi 767” claimed that Buterin did not implement adequate security measures for his X account. “I hate to be the one to say that. “However, Vitalik must take responsibility for the poor operational security guard and compensate those affected,” he wrote. He hinted that he believed Vitalik Buterin’s carelessness caused the attack:

The only way this isn’t negligence on Vitalik’s part is if one of X takes over the account internally or is personally coerced by a criminal threatening violence. I highly doubt that’s what happened. Most likely this was a SIM replacement.

Buterin is an obvious target

But ZachXBT says Buterin’s high profile makes him vulnerable to hacking attempts of various forms. The company disputes claims that there is attention for Vitalik Buterin. Blockchain security firm “You don’t know yet whether this is a SIM swap or not. “It’s a big enough target that an insider could be paid or the panel could be used,” Vitalik said. cryptokoin.comAs we reported yesterday, Pepe Coin reported that its Telegram account was hacked.


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