Vitalik Buterin Hopeful for Ethereum Roadmap


Ethereum ( ETH) founder Vitalic Buterineexpressed his hope for the improvements in the Ethereum roadmap in the new year.

2023 The year started with hope after the harsh conditions in the crypto market. Many crypto projects feel that their development and growth will reap the fruits of their labour. Crypto investors, on the other hand, believe that the long-running bear trend is finally over. Among all these processes, Ethereumfounder Vitalic Buterinemade a statement. Buterineexpressed his hope for the progress of his project and developments in the new year.

Vitalik Buterin Highlights Improvements in Ethereum Roadmap

Ethereumco-founder Vitalic Buterine, “In the new yearwhat do you trust ?”answered the question. Buterine, Ethereum‘s roadmap and talked about the updates that are expected to happen this year.

Ethereum developer Buterin touched on the Shanghai upgrade package scheduled for March. Founder, EthereumImprovement Protocol ( EIP) 4884‘Fame 2023He underlined that it will be released in .

In short, the popular developer, EthereumHe mentioned the scaling improvements in . ‘s roadmap and stated that he looks forward to reaching the milestone. Buterine, The SurgeHe believes that his project will become better with


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