Vitalik Buterin’s hack disrupted the balance of Bitcoin!


BTC, which started to retreat after trying and failing at $26,450 several times, lost even more power after the X account belonging to Vitalik Buterin was seized. Even though it rose above $ 26,000 from time to time, the admiral of the cryptocurrencies could not achieve this permanence, continuing the uncertainty in the market.

Bitcoin (BTC) chart analysis

BTC, which has been hovering in the range of $25,600 – $26,100 except for a few violations, may exhibit sharper movements when it exits the accumulation process. Currently, BTC has found buyers at $25,860. The first levels it must exceed in order to clarify its upward movement are $26,000 – $26,450 and $26,800. The $26,724 – $26,800 range can provide clear data for the price structure in the short term. With a large break of this range, the $ 30,000 level will start to be discussed again.

Failure to exceed $26,000 or sector-based FUD news will push BTC to an important threshold. Failure to maintain $25,600 as support will strengthen the decline to the $25,300 – $25,150 region, creating the possibility of a test towards $24,800. Any time it remains below $25,150 is a sign that the bear dominance continues.


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