Volume on Crypto Exchanges at Two-Year Low


crypto exchanges, bitcoin‘s first time 20 thousandsurpasses the dollar December 2020He finished the year with volumes close to .

The painful processes and bankruptcy scenarios in the crypto money exchanges brought along a difficult year. covidgrowing in popularity during the period and attracting millions of new investors. crypto-, a long to the bear trend entry. While many projects were destroyed, some projects struggled to survive. FTX’s bankruptcy marked this painful year. On the other hand, cryptocurrency exchanges have seen the year of the last two years. lowestclosed with volume ratios at the level.

Cryptocurrency Dropped in Volume on Stock Exchanges!

The seven-day average of cryptocurrency exchanges this year Novemberpercent by month 47.6with a fall 356 million reached dollars. In addition, volumes on crypto exchanges, bitcoin‘of 20 thousand dollarstraveled through the levels December 2020It hasn’t been this low since.

Many crypto scenarios that led to loss of confidence have led investors to withdraw from the industry. In particular, the inactivity of large wallets called whales drew attention. year 2022 It has been a year of collapse for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was moving at the level of 47 thousand dollars in January 2022. However, the leading crypto currency will set the year 2022. 16.5 thousandclosed at the dollar level.

With the effect of the crypto bear trend, the lack of demand on crypto exchanges was the biggest factor. Therefore, the volume level on crypto exchanges is back to two years ago.


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